Hand Made Art work

Who are we? 

In 1995, we established our first souvenir shop in Aqaba/Jordan mainly selling jewelry, accessories and sand artwork.  Since moving to Canada, we have started the same business, only with a greater scope of products and art.

Today, we are an arts and gifts center dedicated to providing you with unique and handmade products like jewelry, pouring paintings, ornaments, and more.

Our Mission 

At Ghazi Arts and Gifts Center, we aim to produce high quality and unique artwork to please our customers and share our love for the arts! Our goal is to continue exposing future generations to the various forms of art and expression, specifically sand art!

What do we do?

We have a wide variety of gifts and artwork at Ghazi Arts and Gifts Center! These include handmade jewelry, engravings, ornaments, and much more!

We also carry a diverse collection of art styles like decoupage, sand art, wax art, glass art, ceramic art, pouring painting, and much more!

Our products are available in-store and online for your convenience!

What we offer:

- Sand Art 

- Handmade Jewelry

- Engravings

- Embroidery

- Decoupage 

- Frames

- Celebrations

- Flowers

- And much more!

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