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Sand Art Work

For years we have relied on sand for a variety of projects necessary for our survival. However, it is not just essential for building, as sand is a beautiful medium that can be used to create and express a variety of art projects. When we first began using sand art, we quickly discovered how versatile and beautiful it truly was. It was a way for us to express ourselves uniquely and creatively that provided us with a lot of joy and satisfaction. The beauty of art is how simply unique it is. Almost like a fingerprint, no two works of art can ever be the same. 

The composition of sand is variable, and the common constituent of sand is silica -silicon dioxide, usually in the form of quartz and calcium carbonate. Perhaps using this material is strange for some, but it is an incredible and interesting tool to use. Finding this pure, white sand is not always easy, but the struggle is worth the finished product. Just take a look yourself at our collection! 

When we say sand art, we talk about a wide variety of art forms using sand, including sculpting, drawing, painting, or bottle filling. Bottle filling is the form of sand art we use. Coloured sand is dropped down into bottles and adjusted to make shapes and accents. Sand is more than something found on the beach or used to make castles, it is a material used for self-expression and communicating silent messages and emotions through your art. 


Children and adults can experience Sand Art at Ghazi Center, where we give workshop lessons for individuals or groups up to 5 people..

For Reservations and more information, Please contact us 


Sand Art Workshops

We offer workshops for sand art! visit our Workshops page to find out more!

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